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About Us

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White Tiger Communications provides a unique combination of experience and capabilities to the digital TV sector. With an all-embracing knowledge of the digital TV industry, learned from the inside over an aggregated five decades in the international digital TV business, together we bring you expertise on:

  • Conditional access and DRM
  • Middleware
  • Digital content management
  • STB and DVR
  • Digital Compression
  • Satellite, broadband, cable, IPTV
  • Over-the-top TV
  • Interactive TV
  • Mobile TV
  • End-to-end solutions

We have in-depth understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of the entire satellite communications ecosystem including:

  • Space launch vehicles
  • Satellite system and payload capabilities – HTS, Ku/L/S/Ka-band, GEO, MEO, LEO
  • Teleports and ground infrastructure
  • DTH broadcasting
  • VSAT and data services
  • Enterprise satcoms – sector expertise covering energy, aviation, M2M, media, government and NGO services, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, others.
  • Mobile satcoms

White Tiger Communications delivers:

  • An unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise across technologies and geographies
  • A deep understanding of the specialist media and analyst community, with established long-term relationships
  • Direct experience managing global public relations campaigns and budgets as senior in-house communications directors
  • Over 25 years’ combined agency experience delivering high-impact integrated communications programmes to digital TV and satcoms leaders
  • In-depth familiarity with the most important positioning opportunities in the global TV business – we have been attending IBC since 1990, also Satellite Show (Washington)
  • An international network of selected PR agency and freelance affiliates with established digital TV and satcoms expertise in many of the world’s most advanced markets as well as in key emerging territories