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IMS: Global STB shipments 200m-plus in 2009 despite slowdown

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The resilience of the digital TV sector in the face of the global slowdown is demonstrated by the latest figures from Austin-based IMS Research about set-top box shipments.

It found that 50m TV homes around the world became new consumers of digital free-to-air and pay-TV services last year. Combined with renewal and replacement rates, this carried shipments of STBs and DVRs to over 200m in 2009.

Much of this growth came from analogue switchoff in the USA, reckons IMS – although this was out-stripped by strong demand in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) territories.  More than 13% of global shipments went to the US, while nearly 30% went to the BRIC nations.

IMS concedes that growth was slower last year – the recession meant fewer households upgraded to new digital services in 2009, and many operators delaying scheduled digital plans. But it points out that demand for set-top boxes will remain strong in 2010:  “China’s digital cable and FTA satellite projects, digitization of TV households in emerging markets, and imminent [analogue switchoffs] in Europe will require tens of millions of additional set-top boxes in the next 18 months.”

The IMS report reinforces White Tiger’s contention that analogue switch-off (ASO) is the bright star in the digital TV firmament: because it is a global obligation imposed by the ITU, it will be very difficult to derail. STB and DVR shipments will remain buoyant for some time to come.

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