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White Tiger Communications – a new approach to business development and marketing

The digital TV industry is a dynamic sector undergoing radical change, driven by digital switchover and convergence:

White Tiger Communications Ltd is a new full-service communications and marketing consultancy specialising in providing world-class public relations programmes and services to the digital TV sector.

  • Digital switchover – As nations continue to see development in digital TV following analogue switch off, new infrastructure will roll out around the globe, boosted by innovative services to engage viewers.
  • Convergence – Shamelessly hyped for over a decade, convergence between TV and Internet is finally happening. For free-to-air services, hybridisation with the online sector raises both opportunities and threats through new competition for advertising spend and revenues; while for pay-TV, the ‘free’ Internet model risks undermining the proven and profitable subscription paradigm.

How the balance between the benefits of switchover and the risks of convergence will play out in the long term remains to be seen. But what can be predicted with certainty is that companies active in the digital TV sector will face a communications challenge.

A new era for satellite communications – satellite more relevant than ever, but paradigms are shifting

The diversity and number of organisations and businesses now supported the world over by today’s state-of-the-art satellite communications solutions is greater than ever.

Once mainly dedicated to supporting broadcasters, major telcos and the maritime industry, today, solutions based on satellite technology are making a real difference in providing connectivity all over the world. Not only do satellites now enable internet access in rural areas, they also satisfy the need for connectivity with remote locations for organisations ranging from oil and gas providers, alternative energy suppliers, the transportation sector, retail, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, stakeholders at every stage in the maritime ecosystem and other vertical markets. As well, today’s satellite solutions are widely used by emergency services and other local and national government entities.

Meanwhile, with the launch of Ultra High Definition TV and new advanced video services, once again satellite is the engine for innovation in delivering leading edge top-class entertainment, information and global connectivity.

The satellite industry is going through a transformation closely related to developments in IP networking and connectivity. The era of the monolithic and inflexible satellite solution is over. Satellite applications are now complementing terrestrial IP-based services. Collaboration with other technologies is on the rise, with satellite solutions increasingly most powerfully offered in close partnership with groupings of value chain partners, staffed by highly creative people – together they can provide an all-in hardware, network, software and service package to meet the operational requirements of today’s customers.

This is a time of rapid change. Incumbent providers are being challenged every day by new players and new technologies. As Ka-band services roll out and the promise of ultrafast global broadband is set to become reality, service providers and operators face pricing pressure from business and government customers.

High throughput satellites, innovations in software defined payloads, ambitious new LEO projects and cubesats are all emergent disruptors that will fundamentally change the way the satellite industry works.

Against a backdrop of the toughest economic environment in memory, satellite service providers need to reach out to new markets and win new business in order to survive.
A new kind of marketing, and new ways to communicate, are essential at this dynamic and pivotal time.

The communications challenge

The digital TV and communications industry faces disruptive change at a time when purse-strings are tighter than ever. Although the sector has proved resilient through the recession, budgets for marketing and public relations are still under pressure – at the very time when new, sophisticated communications strategies are required to help digital TV players educate their customers about the changes ahead and to differentiate themselves amidst enhanced competition.

Corporate communications departments and PR consultancies have a bigger job than ever to assimilate the necessary strategic technology understanding and experience needed to read, interpret, and capitalise on a complex, fast-moving and increasingly fragmented environment.

The competitive advantage with White Tiger

White Tiger Communications provides clients with a competitive advantage by delivering highly informed, state-of-the-art strategic programmes and services. Founded by Cynthia Ritchie, a communications professional with an established track record in the digital TV and satellite industry, White Tiger’s mission is to leverage our unique understanding, skills and experience to deliver the best possible communications and market and business development services to its leaders.

“Cynthia has the virtue of bringing a business-minded and sales-oriented approach to marcoms, works ferociously hard and is extremely tenacious in pursuit of her objectives: having her on your side is like walking into battle alongside a platoon of Marines! I have no hesitation in recommending her marcoms skills and experience. Her impact on your business will be immediate, positive and palpable.”
Barry Flynn, Director at Barry Flynn Communications Ltd.